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Privoxy Filters Not Working


I create following filter : FILTER: uuu Tag filter of uuu s|background|bbb|g s|.+?background.+?|bbb|g Seems nothing happends . Miscellaneous 4.1. This may be the result of an overly aggressive filter. If that doesn't help, temporarily disable all filters to see if another filter could be the culprit. useful reference

The results of which could inadvertently cause pages to load incorrectly, partially, or even not at all. This forum can be a much much greater way to advertise Privoxy and possibly drive (more) funding—hopefully—to the Privoxy developers. Since, for the sake of security, Privoxy runs as a non-privileged user that is created by its installer (_privoxy), it can no longer start up once that account gets deleted., the Project Page for Privoxy on SourceForge.

Privoxy Log

How much of an impact depends on many things, including the CPU of the host system, how aggressive the configuration is, which specific actions are being triggered, the size of the How can I remove the "Go There Anyway" link from the BLOCKED page? 4. I have large empty spaces / a checkerboard pattern now where ads used to be.

  • Try pasting the full URL of the offending ad into and see if it really matches your new rule.
  • How did you manage to get Privoxy on my computer without my consent? 5.
  • It is currently not of much value and is not recommended for use by default.
  • frameset-borders Some web designers seem to assume that everyone in the world will view their web sites using the same browser brand and version, screen resolution etc, because only that assumption

If Privoxy isn't working, don't bother the Tor developers. Download the new user.action file from here. This also makes for a good test for your browser configuration: If entering the URL takes you to a page saying "This is Privoxy ...", everything is OK. Invalid Request. Privoxy Doesn't Support Ftp. But I packed with Python version that I've removed some unused component to reduce its file size.

I appreciate that you coverted them for us to download but I oftentimes hope to have the latest/updated rules.hence i look for an app that can do this.thanks! 10 June, 2014 Uninstall Privoxy ZoneAlarm has been reported to cause this symptom -- even if not running! Either way, if you are using a recent Privoxy version, please report the problem. 5.20. Thanks, Razvan If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Fabian Keil - 2012-03-19 status: open --> pending

On some HTTPS sites my browser warns me about unauthenticated content, the URL bar doesn't get highlighted and the lock symbol appears to be broken. Privoxy Refusing Connections They are controlled with the external-filter action and have to be defined in the filterfile first. And removes tracking URLs, as well as a width limitation. This can be caused by a problem with the local hosts file.

Uninstall Privoxy

Click here if you are dyslexic Toggle color theme Assistant: -- None -- Try a dynamic view Font: License Unless otherwise specified, all code or any type of work you What is a "crunch"? 4.21. Privoxy Log How are actions files configured? How To Disable Privoxy Why are binary files (such as images) corrupted when Privoxy is used? 5.15.

While I welcome attribution, I don't require it. As a last resort, you can always see if your browser has a setting that will bypass the proxy setting for selective sites. Restart Privoxy Of course, then you have to go to your browser settings and set the proxy to Privoxy (usually localhost, port 8118) Update: If you can't download the files, let I even considered for a while to write my own IXmlSerializable impl... Privoxy Socks5

The server aspect of Privoxy is not itself directly exposed to the Internet in this configuration. How do I use Privoxy together with Tor? Note that it only modifies the HTTP headers, it doesn't make it impossible for the server to detect your Tor exit node based on the IP address the request is coming Give me some time, though. 10 March, 2014 13:57 Siderite said...

Port 8118 is Privoxy's default TCP "listening" port. How To Fix Invalid Request. Privoxy Doesn't Support Ftp Reporting Problems 6.3.1. License 7.2.

This is probably a manifestation of the "100% cpu" problem that occurs on pages containing many (thousands upon thousands) of blank lines.

At one site Privoxy just hangs, and starts taking all CPU. When they become obsolete, send me a comment and I will refresh them. unsolicited-popups This filter attempts to prevent only "unsolicited" pop-up windows from opening, yet still allow pop-up windows that the user has explicitly chosen to open. Privoxy Dns Resolution Since version 3.0.7, Privoxy will also log the crunch reason.

Hey, I was wondering if you have had any progress on those scripts? In Mac OS X Panther (10.3), images often fail to load and/or I experience random delays in page loading. Yummy. Each filter consists of a heading line, that starts with one of the keywords FILTER:, CLIENT-HEADER-FILTER: or SERVER-HEADER-FILTER: followed by the filter's name, and a short (one line) description of what

How can I become a sponsor and get my logo or link on 2. Can Privoxy run as a "intercepting" proxy? 3.21. Why doesn't anyone answer my support request? fun Text replacements for subversive browsing fun.

What can I do? 5.5. Why can't Privoxy do this better? 5.18. For details please see the pcrestack man page and the documentation of your operating system. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.

Thank you for reminding me of this. so i guess we will have to update easylist manually for this... The same is true for any protocol other than HTTP or HTTPS (SSL). Technically Privoxy could keep the connection to the server open, but the server would not accept requests that do not belong to the previous TLS/SSL session (and the client may even

Let's look at its jobs one after the other: FILTER: js-annoyances Get rid of particularly annoying JavaScript abuse # Get rid of JavaScript referrer tracking. While sockets can also be marked tainted as a result of a technical problem that may be worth fixing, the problem will be explicitly logged as error. 5.25. Is there is a license or fee? Browsers available only as binaries could use non-standard headers to give out any information they can have access to: see the manufacturer's license agreement.

Privoxy is blind to the differences, and can only distinguish "good from bad" by the configuration parameters we give it. Is Privoxy the best choice for me? 1.3. Use it if you want to include text like '$&' in your substitute without quoting. See also debug 1024.

Once a filter called name has been defined in the filter file, it can be invoked by using an action of the form +filter{name} in any actions file. If you enabled the "demoronizer" filter, please try temporarily disabling it.