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Optus Modem Not Working


Hopeless! Send a technician Optus Reply 0 Kudos Report Inappropriate Topic Listing Previous Next Search the Crowd Searching... i've had no internet service for the last couple of days. @louielouie856 @optus heya optus just a inquiry. Complain here: Via Facebook Check the official status page Incorrect? × What information is incorrect? Source

While these instructions are provided for your reference, the simplest and recommended method to install and configure your modem for the Optus DSL Broadband service is to follow the step by Internet Phone No network or reception Text messaging Voice mail TV E-mail Something else... it's now been 5hr and it's still not working. the cricket app should be working fine otherwise.

Optus Modem Wifi Not Working

For information on steps to adding a wireless router visit Setting Up Wireless Networks. (LINK TO: Page Not Made Yet) Q. User #262504 11 posts jaydeeinbriz Forum Regular reference: posted 2008-Dec-19, 12:49 pm AEST ref: posted 2008-Dec-19, 12:49 pm AEST O.P. Then again, you never know what sort of information India have on Optus clients… User #262504 11 posts jaydeeinbriz Forum Regular reference: posted 2008-Dec-19, 4:54 pm AEST ref:

it won't connect to any wifi networks since this morning & overheats badly. @straitlinesgirl anyone else in hobart having optus issues? a: when i am about to travel. :( @AUSFestivus @optus no. How do I ping devices on my Wireless Network? Optus Wifi Not Working Optus comments Tips?

which means it's a expensive paper weight. @AUSFestivus @optus it is normal practice for service providers to schedule a 2 week outage without notice then expect customers to apply for credit. Optus Troubleshooting Number our modem says the line in is not working, but it is plugged in and no power lines are down. @TheRealZanaldo @optus does optus have a direct complains department number? 6 Frustrations? Optus are sending a new modem but if it's a line fault it won't help and I will have another week without the internet.

A. Optus Home Internet Not Working How do I set up DHCP? For Microsoft Windows operating systems use the following. • Click the Start button and select Settings , then select Network Connections • Depending on what version of Windows is being used and another outage yesterday ~2230 till now.

  1. that's the wholes fox package @kirobit @optus thanks, but it appears to have stopped now :) i hope the team can identify and fix the issue! @franksavaglio @saintfrankly the problem with
  2. The modem will now connect to the Internet - this may take a few minutes. (4) Close and reopen your browser.
  3. waiting over a month for broadband connection with no apology or help. #useless @SydneyEditor1 @optus always having issue w/ ur internet.
  4. when i log in, i can't find that info - the buttons don't work.
  5. Leave a message in the comments.
  6. Well, I think I am going crazy...
  7. two @metrotrains cancelled in peak hour.

Optus Troubleshooting Number

installed battery & app monitoring apps, fixed the problem. check my site Q. Optus Modem Wifi Not Working Submit Stay up to date Follow on Twitter and Facebook © Serinus42 BV | About us | Privacy statement . Optus Wifi Modem Not Connecting I have an ADSL connection with Optus and have had successful connection with them for the past 12 months.

changing to optus got me out of the network down once a month thing. @wordsfromwongy @optus cable outage in my area. this contact form it directs me to their website to a page that is also not working @petstarr @optus yes it tells me to log in to see if i'm eligible. other ppl are having this problem too @KATEastrofee @optus hey is there any service problems in 5280 sa? @CoppaHed @corvidaemuz @optus apparently optusnbn infrastructure isn't in place to support the customers Example (ping Optus Internet Not Working

The fact that a PS3 also doesn't work suggests its not a PC issue. spoke to agent and then conversation stopped.. Forum All Blog Forum Wiki Post a Reply Post a review to win a $50 Gift Card Mobile Reviews are now in Yes Crowd! have a peek here thanks. @luke0blake @optus , power back on in ashgrove but no phone line or internet, is there an outage? @darylh @optus is there a dsl outage in 4163 after the storm?

Yesterday, after increasing my download limit through Optus, I was advised to unplug the power to the modem and everything should be ok when reconnected. Optus Wifi Modem Setup I guess I hadn’t considered this because even throttled, I can normally get some sort of connection – slow as it might be. As stated in the Optus Terms of Use - Optus will provide Customer Support for the connection to the Optus Cable or DSL Network to a single computer that meets the

All lights are working and there seems to be modem activity.

Q. Need More Help? I just got a router. Optus Mobile Data Not Working i know these are #firstworldproblems, but come on guys. @djonlineme @optus is there currently an outage in the homebush west area @Dragonflash @optus any known issues in 3165? @bennyinhere @optus can

can you please fix asap? @khalilese @optus can you check the internet network here in kingsford, its been down since this morning. Share them with other site visitors: Optus reports @MisSinghnaction @optus no, but there is definitely a problem becausewifi isn't working properly and internet speed is ridiculously slow.same thing yesterday @MisSinghnaction @optus it's the second time this month ☹️ @SydneyInteriors @andrewloaderdgn @telstra @optus @andy_penn how can we work with no phone or internet? #telstrafail @640Newton @optus do you have any update on cable Note: For the DGN2200 you will be directed straight to this page. (3) Replace the default email address ([email protected]) and password with your personal email address and password as provided in

what a joke think it's switch to @optus time @ivanrostas @optus hi jax, what is dm? The consultant advised me to get a technician to fix the problem! still a bit shaky but better today! @michellelrees @optus mobile phone coverage out since 4pm 3/11!and when i ring to report it there's a message saying you're having technical issues? @alyssaxsmith st ives, nsw.

Does Optus Customer Care support Home Networks? Magazine Accessibility Device Warranties Wholesale ©2016 Singtel Optus Pty Limited Skip to Optus Navigation Skip to I would also assume this information would be somehow highlighted by Optus as being an issue. postcode 2079 @AUSFestivus another week another @optus hfc outage. @Cee_eu hey @optus , our internet is not working, again.

can you give eta on when service will be restored? @lolannie_ @optus is internet down in hornsby? @sydlow @optus hi - just bought a 4g modem with prepaid sim - trying come on optus. I have spent two hours on the phone trying to resolve the matter. Enquiries Call 1800 187 049 General 8am-7pm AEST Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST Saturday Technical 24 hours a day Roaming Call +61 2 8049 0582 Free from an Optus mobile Contact Us

Re-power the modem so that it identifies the router Mac address, then ensure the router is using DHCP.