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Optus Usage Agent Not Working


Related Topics Timeline Related Searches optus application services mission control optus accounts and billing contact number optus cost to receive international calls optus customer service contact details optus home phone and Alternative viewing options such - of pay-TV subscribers is now offering a communications application called Fish Chat targeting the coastal fishing industry. Usage Agent is not working on Bigpond at the moment either, started showing 0 usage about a week ago, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling tonight, now I get a "object reference It Log's in fine, Just no reading of the Values Eg, Amount of Quota used etc. Source

Is any one else still having trouble?? Mine's "d/MM/yyyy" and it works fine. cheersUnimatrix013 User #53632 223 posts rk. Or you can do a search on for "xp windows update 3.1 download" (assuming you're on WinXP...).

Optus Wifi Modem Not Working

User #175083 72 posts Soxism Forum Regular reference: posted 2012-Mar-24, 1:22 am AEST ref: posted 2012-Mar-24, 1:22 am AEST Hey kester Not sure if your concerned, but i If so, which plan? User #256362 72 posts kester Forum Regular reference: posted 2012-Feb-3, 6:59 pm AEST ref: posted 2012-Feb-3, 6:59 pm AEST Ar, I've seen (and fixed) that error before. Much appreciated.

  • then when optus changed the login screens, bshemmeld provided an updated dll file which i used here: I've tried versions with the updated dll + + +
  • The summary will suffice – I got a 404 page not found error when I tried the link you gave me with my variables inserted.
  • If the arrow is way behind the green bar, you know that you will exceed your quota if you continue at this pace.
  • that isn't working ATM.Net Usage Item is the Firefox plugin.

Local councils are already flat-chat maintaining roads and managing rubbish, - are in a region as Telstra, iiNet and SingTel-Optus. It still works, and seems to load fine, just an error message shows every time it starts. good to see my money is going to something useful User #107091 1202 posts pongie Whirlpool Enthusiast reference: posted 2010-Jul-30, 1:43 pm AEST ref: posted 2010-Jul-30, 1:43 Internet Not Working Telstra This is probably DELIBERATE.

Check out your predicted coverage with our interactive coverage map. Optus Wifi Modem Not Connecting He did not reveal any privacy concerns - because the [other] channels work on tablets. I've never seen this before ever, except for the 1st time this week and it has been continually happening. cheers muchly, all working good now!

Perfect.Ok, I've added code in for the M2M plan as well as reworked a whole section of the Optus logic so it's not quite so plan dependant. Optus Fetch Tv No Internet Connection Pink, try right clicking up in the URL bar area (next to it) and look for the 'customise' option. Was that posted in this thread? And it's back to not working again.

Optus Wifi Modem Not Connecting

User #361773 34745 posts Xeler8ing © Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: posted 2010-Aug-1, 5:53 pm AEST ref: posted 2010-Aug-1, 5:53 pm AEST It usually is an Optus glitch. I use a master password and netusage doesn't update on startup. Optus Wifi Modem Not Working Right-click on the Net Usage Item and select Preferences. Optus Wifi Not Working I get the message " String was not recognized as a valid DateTime".

Optus is currently offering the first season of Arsenal champion Ian Wright, and Ireland's Andy Townsend. this contact form ummm, mysteriously, I don't know who you are talking about in Armidale though.. It is not a step up a small localised ISP - Related Topics: home service office reviews time customer billing wireless plan broadband | 2 years ago Foxtel Signs Multi Year my version of UA is thanks anybody! :) User #256362 72 posts kester Forum Regular reference: posted 2012-Apr-19, 11:26 pm AEST ref: posted 2012-Apr-19, 11:26 pm AEST Optus Fetch Tv Support Phone Number

thanks for your help kester. There were a few options in there and I only updated the old Optus plan......just updated all the Optus plans for the date issue. I waited about 10 minutes signed back in and then the message was gone and it was all back to normal.It happened about 2 days ago as well. have a peek here thanks muchly :-) User #225782 78 posts Unimatrix013 Forum Regular reference: posted 2011-Sep-25, 8:25 pm AEST ref: posted 2011-Sep-25, 8:25 pm AEST Works a treat, thank you User

User #475220 6 posts JeukAanMeNaad I'm new here, please be nice reference: posted 2012-Jan-20, 7:28 am AEST ref: posted 2012-Jan-20, 7:28 am AEST Just me or are others Optus Network Down Custom Widget Text Display The new version now allows for a custom display text. we 're expanding our coverage to *Where the device packaging is optimized - orders Our connection and site are guaranteed to work on My Plan Plus The New My -

Windows Update installs the latest of this even before showing you all the other updates – that's the easiest way to check.

Thanks! Cheers,Chris. Read the full story Top Contributors Pineslol Occasional Contributor 5 Kudos Drv New Contributor 4 Kudos caaf Crowd Champion 4 Kudos kcluk Occasional Contributor 3 Kudos garbageoptusnet Contributor 3 Kudos See Optus Modem Not Working The green bar is the amount of [peak] data you have consumed for the month.

Thanks Chris, but no luck with that one, still getting the "object reference not set to an instance of an object" error upon validation. If that fails, please backup your bookmarks and create a fresh new profile. That is if I trust what you say because I find it very strange that NO ONE ELSE has even raised this issue on this forum. User #141928 327 posts doublet Forum Regular reference: posted 2011-Jul-15, 5:00 pm AEST ref: posted 2011-Jul-15, 5:00 pm AEST I just found this thread :) I guess I

Forum All Blog Forum Wiki Post a Reply Post a review to win a $50 Gift Card Mobile Reviews are now in Yes Crowd! Just wondering what your date/time format is set to in Windows regional settings?