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Pro Tools Video Out Via Firewire Not Working

I for one have used various external drives for over four years; all connected via USB 2.0. These can easily be created from video workstations like Avid or Final Cut Pro. Buy a second-hand 'Mirror Door' G4 Mac that is on the Pro Tools 7 approval list and sell my G4/933.4. New Reply Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Reddit Search Forums Topic: Film Post - Controllers/Hardware Post - Editing Post - Encoding Post - Mixing Post - Plug-ins Post - Restoration Post useful reference

July 22nd, 2011 Reply Dakota Knight what is wrong with windows 7 and pt9 firewire? My cpu is usually at 50 percent. Thanks! FireWire has a constant flow of data transfer. a fantastic read

Now, while there may be USB options, you are giving the actual opposite advice as given by AVID. May 3rd, 2013 Reply szybki internet Great post. I knew he was making up stories! You need to use a separate PHYSICAL drive.

  • Gimme some link or photo.
  • Exercise files accompany the course.
  • I recommend using higher resolution video playback if at all possible.
  • I plan to work up 16 or 20 channel multi-tracks which would mean 8 or 10 clams respectively.
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  • exe" becauseMicrosoft Windowa applications are not supported on OS X?
  • Thanks man October 10th, 2013 Reply Graham I think either MBOX will be a great choice for you.
  • Would it be preferable (or even possible) to have the samples Structure uses located on the external drive?

Apple’s Cinema Displays are good examples and tend to have a latency less than a frame with only one half frame drift. This project is not a paid endeavor, nor do I or my company profit from revealing the results of my tests. We have 6 or 7 at the studio and 3 of them haven't lasted longer than 3 months. Crucial step.

ie. Useful v This workflow has been made a lot simpler with the introduction of electronic delivery of these elements. Gain an understanding of how Pro Tools works and why certain technical information and skill in Pro Tools is absolutely necessary in multimedia projects. What could you recommend?

I dont even use more then 13tracks. The down side of the referenced format is that it is very easy to lose a few files in the transfer process, and I always ask for an embedded OMF file. Here's my proven method! 228 Responses to "Optimize Pro Tools: Use An External Hard Drive" Fridrikur Great article, but you left out one crucial part. Stop at Pro Tools v6.9 running on my G4/933 until the world settles.2.

Also, a mobile HDD is good for mobility, but any of these will be slower than an internal SATA drive. Movie sync offset setting not available with MOJO. Just some food for thought, works so well for me, I just had to let you guys know. The drive is from a manufacturer called Seagate.

September 24th, 2011 Reply josh can you use a western digital tb hdd thats usb3.0 on a g5 to run pro tools sessions on? see here Imma check google but just making sure. November 6th, 2012 Reply Lopes Hi, Im thinking , of getting a new IMAC for recording and editing, I have not seen a option for a second drive, and also they i have never had any connectivity issues.

January 8th, 2014 Reply Mike Mangeoglu Hi Graham, Thanks for the article. Digidesign has thoughtfully included a “movie sync offset” parameter to compensate for these processing delays. I use protools 9 and use an audiobox 1818 and a little 2 channel interface that usb 2.0. September 1st, 2011 Reply Angel If you dont mind me asking, what external drives are you currently using?? 🙂 September 1st, 2011 Reply JP I currently use w7 64-bit, PT9, and

For what I want to do I can go back to Sonar X1 Producer and get quality results and it won't cost me the farm. I can't believe that you would give such horrid advice and then claim that you use these devices successfully with Pro Tools and have no issues what-so-ever. Put the DV movie onto a different drive to your audio files — your boot drive will be fine if you don't have another drive other than your audio drive.

This would give me an approved machine with some reasonable life in it but it would still be a G4 rather than a G5.Option 4 would have a net cost of

Now, I use to use 3 internal 7500 rpm HHD drives. 1 for "OS" and programs, #2 for all session files, and #3 for all raw audio tracks, of course, I'm For example, some people use video projectors, which tend to have a higher latency than other display devices. Don't mean to be whining, just gotta know in case I become the stuckee in such a scenario. Since 7.4?

September 25th, 2012 Reply digital audio workstation I'm so delighted I dropped in to read this today! I personally only buy refurbished macs all the time. If it is not the only device attached to this bus, you may see dropped frames, picture distortion, or stuttered playback. Get More Info Out of these frustrations I designed a solution to detect audio and video automatically and display timing differences between them.

Using QuickTime Video Importing video and setting start code 3m 7s Using FireWire output 1m 32s 3. Updated hardware drivers are essential, except for the firewire which has to use legacy drivers to work best. As long as we have a .dv on our timeline first, the Canpous will output mpgs. Users like me were forced to use older software versions, where bugs abound, or find alternate methods.

Pro Tools should *Theoretically* be able to read the session data. October 1st, 2011 Reply Graham Avid doesn't usually "promote" USB hard drives, but I'm sure you can get better performance from a USB external than running it all on the internal The random nature of audio-video frame edge sync was eliminated, but replaced by a potential full frame error!